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quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013

WCPT NEWS edição de abril 2013

O Blog 14-F FISIOTERAPIA tem a satisfação de postar para os seus seguidores e visitantes, a nova edição do Boletim Eletrônico WCPT NEWS; optamos pela versão original em inglês que nos foi enviada por e-mail, pela Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia. Desejamos a todos uma boa leitura.

April 2013

Research by WCPT reveals global picture on direct access to physical therapy

Research by WCPT has for the first time provided authoritative information about the extent to which patients can directly access physical therapists without referral by a third party. Papers based on the research have been published in the journals Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy, and are available to view as open access.  Read the full article

WCPT promotes access to the profession for people with disabilities

WCPT is promoting access to physical therapy education for people with disabilities and supporting physical therapists with disabilities in practice through a new information-based project.  Read the full article

Significant new guidance on physical therapists' responsibilities in emergency zones

What are the responsibilities of physical therapists involved in emergency zones? New plain-language guidance from the International Committee of the Red Cross sets out the rights and responsibilities of health personnel in conflict and other situations of danger. It has been welcomed by physical therapists who specialise in this area.  Read the full article
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     WCPT takes action on NCDs.  Read
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