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terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2020

Congresso WCPT 2021 - Atualização abril 2020

WCPT Congress Update
April 2020 
Com a situação global em rápida evolução criada pela disseminação do COVID-19, sabemos que muitos de vocês foram impactados pela pandemia e pela incerteza que ela criou. A WCPT e o comitê do programa do congresso continuarão monitorando a situação relacionada ao COVID-19, mas por enquanto o planejamento está em andamento para um emocionante congresso da WCPT em Dubai; nesse mês de abril e iremos informá-lo se houver alguma alteração que possa impactar o evento.

A WCPT está apoiando suas organizações membros com informações e recursos, em vários idiomas, sobre o COVID-19:
Texto original em inglês  
With the fast evolving global situation created by the spread of COVID-19, we are aware that many of you have been impacted by the pandemic and the uncertainty it has created. WCPT and the congress programme committee will continue to monitor the situation relating to COVID-19, but for now planning is proceeding for an exciting WCPT congress in Dubai next April and we will advise you if there are any changes likely to impact the event.

WCPT is supporting its member organisations and their members with information and resources, in a number of languages, about COVID-19:
Call for abstracts opens
The call for abstracts for poster and platform presentations is now open. The deadline is 30 July.

The WCPT congress offers you a unique opportunity to present to a global audience at the profession’s largest international meeting. Whether you have been working on a research project or have an innovative service, practice, resource or theory to share, WCPT is encouraging physiotherapists from all over the world, at every level of the profession, to submit their abstracts.

Abstracts are invited that:
  • report on the latest research with original scientific data
  • address new and unique developments in practice, theory, education, management, policy and resources
  • describe innovative ways in which established methods have been adapted to meet the changing needs of practice
Find out more:
Resources for abstract submitters
If you have limited experience of abstract submissions, presenting at a WCPT congress or if English is not your first language, we have put together several tools to help you.
Selection criteria
Submitted abstracts will go through a blind peer-review process carried out by international reviewers. 

The following principles will be used to review abstracts.
  1. Does the report address a "significant" or "important" issue?
  2. Do the methods/approach enable the question to be answered rigorously?
  3. Have the data/findings been interpreted appropriately?
  4. Are the contents of the abstract clear and logical?
Download the submission guidelines
Registration   Key sessions to be announced
Registration fees will be available to view on the congress website next month, including deadlines for early bird rates.

Registration will open in June.
  Focused symposia sessions and speakers will be announced later this month.

domingo, 5 de abril de 2020

Informativo WCPT - Atualização COVID-19

WCPT Eupdate
WCPT E-Update: COVID-19 resources
COVID-19 - a resposta da profissão global de fisioterapia

Esta atualização eletrônica inclui informações e recursos sobre o COVID-19.

Muitas organizações membros da Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia WCPT e seus membros estão envolvidos com respostas ao COVID-19 em uma variedade de configurações. Reunimos informações e recursos sobre o COVID-19 para Fisioterapeutas em nosso site e destacamos alguns deles nesta E-Update.

Sabemos que alguns Fisioterapeutas já estão trabalhando em questões relacionadas ao COVID-19, por exemplo, telessaúde, alterações na oferta de educação, saúde e bem-estar, retornando ao condicionamento físico, flexibilidade, força, coordenação e resistência e resistência.

Se você ou seus colegas estiverem envolvidos em alguma pesquisa ou atividade relacionada ao COVID-19, informe-nos em:
Texto original em inglês   
COVID-19 - the response from the global physiotherapy profession
This E-Update includes information and resources about COVID-19.

Many WCPT member organisations and their members are involved with responses to COVID-19 across a range of settings. We have collated information and resources about COVID-19 for physiotherapists on our website and have highlighted some of these in this E-Update.

We know some physiotherapists are already working on issues related to COVID-19, for example, telehealth, changes to education provision, health and wellbeing, returning to fitness, flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance, stamina. 

If you or your colleagues are involved in any research or activities related to COVID-19, please let us know on
Guidelines for physiotherapy management of COVID-19 in acute hospital settings
An international team of expert researchers and clinicians in the intensive care and acute cardiorespiratory fields have produced guidelines, endorsed by WCPT and others, for Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting.

Thank you to all the people who have provided and are working on translations. The guidelines are now available in:
Simplified Chinese: COVID-19

Croatian/Bosnian: Fizioterapijski management za COVID-19 u akutnom bolničkom smještaju
Dutch: Fysiotherapie management van COVID-19
French: Physiothérapie et COVID-19
German: Physiotherapie Management für COVID-19 im Akutkrankenhaus
Portuguese: Manejo fisioterapêutico para COVID revisado
Spanish: Fisioterapia en el manejo del paciente COVID19 en fase aguda hospitalaria
Translations are also being produced in Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Japanese, Vietnamese. If you are able to translate the guidelines into other languages, please contact

The Journal of Physiotherapy has now published this paper online.
Education and professional development
Our partners Physiopedia have produced a package of resources to help in COVID-19 knowledge translation. WCPT has provided support to Physiopedia to make sure these resources are free for physiotherapists to access and use, regardless of where they live and work.

The Physiopedia free online programme of COVID-19 courses cover COVID-19, infection prevention and control, the role of physiotherapy, and respiratory management of people with COVID-19.
To support universities, Physiopedia is providing 30 days free access to Physioplus
The WCPT network for physiotherapy educators Facebook group is an important platform for resources to support many of the changes happening for educators arising from COVID-19, including developments in online education and assessment.
Digital physical therapy practice and telehealth
If you want to develop digital physical therapy practice and telehealth options, please take a look at these resources:
Information and resources produced by WCPT member organisations
A number of WCPT member organisations have published information about COVID-19: Australian Physiotherapy Association offering resources on advocacy, infection prevention and control, telehealth and business continuity. Coronavirus (COVID-19) – what you need to know
Canadian Physiotherapy Association resources for advocacy, telehealth, and webinar series CPA COVID-19 resource centre
Colombian Association of Physiotherapy information and resources for physiotherapists and the general public Estrategias y lineamientos técnicos sobre el Covid-19
Union of Physiotherapists of the Czech Republic resource area covering local advice for members Information about the situation with COVID-19 for physiotherapists
French National Council of Physiotherapists resource area covering practice advice, working conditions and digital tools
German Association for Physiotherapy advice for members on infection prevention, working conditions and financial support. Current information for physiotherapy practices around coronavirus
Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists resources for practice, infection prevention, telehealth and national direction. Member update: COVID-19
Italian Association of Physiotherapists  guidance for practice developed with the Italian Association of Respiratory Physiotherapists (ARIR) available in Italian Information about COVID-19 for physiotherapists and patients and English
Philippine Physical Therapy Association produced an FAQ guide for its members Statement on COVID-19
Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists resources and information in Polish and English and guideline for physiotherapy of adult patients produced by the Polish Respiratory Physiotherapy Expert Group in Polish and English
Physiotherapy New Zealand guidance for members and telehealth advice Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists resource area for physiotherapists and patients including links t national advice COVID-19 resources
Taiwan Physical Therapy Association exercise and wellbeing videos Video: relaxation and respiratory exercises and Video: exercises to boost the immune system
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK) resource centre including advice for practice, education, workplace, private practice, digital health and mental health and wellbeing. Information and guidance about coronavirus
American Physical Therapy Association resource area including practice guidance for members Coronavirus: Information for APTA Members
If you are a WCPT member organisation and have open access resources you would like to share, please contact
WHO information and resources
WHO has a dedicated COVID-19 area on their website, with daily situation reports and regular updates. WHO has produced a report on Strategic preparedness and response plan for the new coronavirus
There is advice for the public on protecting yourself and they have produced a Handwashing video as well as myth busters.
The technical guidance section includes infection and prevention adviceadvice for health workers including, rights, roles and responsibilitiesmaintaining good mental health, and patient management.
WHO’s online courses relevant to COVID-19 are available in a range of languages.
Sign up to receive updates from WHO's information network for epidemics, EPI-WIN.
Resources on exercise and physical activity
The International Association of Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP) are collating Resources for exercise and physical activity
The Taiwan Physical Therapy Association has produced two exercise and wellbeing videos: Video: relaxation and respiratory exercises and Video: exercises to boost the immune system

If you would like to share resources about exercise and physical activity you are using as part of a response to COVID-19, please contact
Postponed and cancelled events
A number of events have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19.

A page has been set up on the WCPT website giving updates about events we know have been cancelled or postponed. If your organisation has cancelled or postponed an event and would like details included on our website, please contact
Share a photo of yourself as part of the physiotherapy response to COVID-19
Reuben is a respiratory physiotherapist in Chile.

He is one of many physiotherapists around the world who are involved with the response to COVID-19.

Some are working in acute hospital settings, others are transitioning to telehealth, caring in the community for people who have been quarantined or are in self-isolation, providing rehabilitation for people recovering from COVID-19, and are being redeployed to different areas of practice.

If you would like to share a photo of yourself, please send it to

By sending us a copy of your photo, you are giving WCPT permission to share the photo, your first name, and the country where you work on WCPT's website, social media platforms, and printed publications. If anyone else appears in your photo, you must confirm to us you have their permission for the photo to be used by WCPT. Photos should not include patients.

segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2020

O Fisioterapeuta e a telessaúde

Via @WCPT1951

O conselho executivo da Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia WCPT publicou um relatório descrevendo o futuro da prática da fisioterapia digital.

O relatório, produzido em conjunto pela WCPT e pela Rede Internacional de Autoridades Reguladoras de Fisioterapia (INPTRA), reconhece o desenvolvimento e a implementação da prática da fisioterapia digital e estabelece considerações e recomendações importantes para garantir que a profissão global de fisioterapia possa maximizar as oportunidades ofertadas pelas práticas digitais.

Jonathon Kruger, CEO da WCPT, disse: ‘Este é um relatório oportuno que ajudará nossas organizações membros e seus membros individuais. Muitos Fisioterapeutas estão lidando com a complexidade do COVID-19 e os desafios de trabalhar em um espaço digital. Este relatório articula claramente os problemas que os Fisioterapeutas precisam considerar ao passarem a trabalhar virtualmente para fornecer telessaúde às pessoas necessitadas. '

sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2020

Informativo WCPT - atualização março 2020

WCPT Eupdate
WCPT E-Update - March 2020
A Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia  WCPT está dedicando esta edição da E-Update ao COVID-19. Abaixo, você encontrará links para recursos e informações que coletamos.

Cada país/território terá sua própria resposta ao COVID-19. Adquira as informações da sua associação nacional de fisioterapia, governo ou órgão de controle de infecções. Se você não possui essas organizações ou estruturas em seu país/território, consulte as diretrizes da Organização Mundial de Saúde.

Você encontrará informações sobre a prática clínica, prevenção e controle de infecções, questões políticas e éticas nos links abaixo.
A WCPT possui uma página em seu site com informações e recursos sobre o COVID-19. Esta página é atualizada regularmente.
Texto original em inglês  
WCPT is dedicating this issue of the E-Update to COVID-19. Below you will find links to resources and information we have collated.

Each country/territory will have its own response to COVID-19. Please defer to information from your national physiotherapy association, government, or infection control body. If you do not have these organisations or structures in your country/territory, please defer to WHO guidelines.

You will find information about clinical practice, infection prevention and control, policy and ethical issues in the links below.

WCPT has a page on its website with information and resources about COVID-19. This page is updated regularly:
WHO: information and resources
The World Health Organization (WHO) has several resources on its website which are updated regularly. 
WCPT member organisations: information and resources
The WCPT member organisations listed below have published information about COVID-19. This list will be updated regularly on the WCPT website. Australian Physiotherapy Association
Canadian Physiotherapy Association
French National Council of Physiotherapists
Italian Association of Physiotherapists
Physiotherapy New Zealand
Consejo General de Colegios de Fisioterapeutas de Espana
Taiwan Physical Therapy Association
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
American Physical Therapy Association

If you are a WCPT member organisation and have open access resources you would like to share, please contact
Just published! Report on digital physical therapy practice
The WCPT executive board has published a report setting out the future of digital physical therapy practice. 

The report, jointly produced by WCPT and the International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA), recognises the development and implementation of digital physical therapy practice and sets out key considerations and recommendations to ensure the global physical therapy profession is able to maximize the opportunities that digital practice offers.

Jonathon Kruger, WCPT chief executive officer, said: ‘This is a timely report that will help our member organisations and their individual members. Many physical therapists are grappling with the complexity of COVID-19 and the challenges of working in a digital space. This report clearly articulates the issues physical therapists will need to consider as they shift to working virtually to provide telehealth for people in need.'

Read the article:
Download the report:
Personal protective equipment for health workers
Global health organisations are calling for healthcare workers to be given adequate protection.

WCPT has issued a joint press release with the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA) calling on governments and healthcare organisations to support front line healthcare workers in any way they can, but especially and urgently through the supply of crucial personal protective equipment (PPE). They are also asking to ensure that staff are getting adequate breaks during their shifts, and time off between shifts, to be able to carry on in what could be a long-term global crisis:

WHO is also calling on industry and governments to increase manufacturing by 40 per cent to meet rising global demand to address the shortage of PPE, which is endangering health workers worldwide. WHO has warned that severe and mounting disruption to the global supply of PPE – caused by rising demand, panic buying, hoarding and misuse – is putting lives at risk from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
Physiopedia: free online COVID-19 course
To contribute towards the global effort to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Physiopedia is providing a free online programme of courses on its online learning platform at Physioplus.

The aim of these courses is to provide a practicing physiotherapist/physical therapist with the knowledge, practices and skills to allow them to play a proactive role in global and local efforts to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Find out more:
Postponed and cancelled events
Due to the fast-evolving global situation created by the spread of COVID-19 a number of our regions and member organisations have had to make some quick and hard decisions to cancel or postpone events.

A page has been set up on the WCPT website giving updates about events we know have been cancelled or postponed. If your organisation has cancelled or postponed an event and would like details included here, please contact
Additional resources

Physiotherapists may find these additional open access resources helpful.

The Lancet: to assist health workers and researchers working under challenging conditions to bring this outbreak to a close, The Lancet has created a Coronavirus Resource Centre. This resource brings together content about COVID-19 from across The Lancet journals as it is published.

Cochrane: a Special Collection: Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care has been released, it is available in English, Farsi,  French, Japanese and Spanish. News item is also available in German and Polish.