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Vacinação- Esclarecimento do Ministério da Saúde - Brasil

World Health Professions Regulations Conference 2016

WHPCR 2016 conference
Sir Michael Marmot to Present Keynote at WHPA Regulation Conference
> Early bird registration deadline 15 February 2016 - register here
> View list of speakers
Sir Michael Marmot, the world renowned expert on social determinants and also President of the World Medical Association, will be the keynote speaker at a conference on health professional regulation to be held in Geneva by the world’s health professions.
He will talk about the new Sustainable Development Goals announced last year by the United Nations and how they and the social determinants of health impact on health workforce and regulation.
The conference, to be held on May 21-22, is being organised by the World Health Professions Alliance WHPA, a body that brings together the International Council of Nurses, the International Pharmaceutical Federation, the World Confederation for Physical TherapyFDI World Dental Federation and the World Medical Association. Together, these five disciplines represent more than 600 national member organizations.
  Michael Marmot
The conference, entitled ‘Health professional regulation - facing challenges to acting in the public interest’, will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and will be addressed by speakers from across the world.
Sir Michael, Director of the Institute of Health Equity at UCL, University of London, and a world-renowned expert on the social determinants of health, has spent his research life showing that the key determinants of health lie outside the health care system in the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. He will talk about how inequities in power, money and resources give rise to the inequities in conditions of daily life.
He says: ‘The way we organise our affairs, at the community level or, indeed at the whole societal level, are matters of life and death. As healthcare professionals we cannot stand idly by while our patients suffer from the way our societies are organised. Inequality of social and economic conditions is at the heart of it.'
> Early bird registration deadline 15 February 2016 - register here
> View list of speakers

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WCPT e-update janeiro 2016

Divulgando para os seguidores e visitantes do Blog a edição de janeiro de 2016 do WCPT e-update, recebido via e-mail.

A opção pela versão original em língua inglesa visa manter a originalidade e a credibilidade da fonte. 

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WCPT E-UpdateJanuary 2016
European Region of WCPT
WHO survey on assistive products
Journal of Physiotherapy: now open access
Ending Childhood Obesity
WCPT Region and subgroup events
Other international events
European Region of WCPT
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
Last week the ER-WCPT Executive Committee announced that its Chairman, Sarah Bazin, signed with CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors) the first European MoU between both professions. The MoU focuses on patients’ rights, professional practice, healthcare delivery, education, CPD and professional regulation. Read the MoU at:
New European Professional Card
Physical therapists can now pursue their professions more freely in other EU countries thanks to the European Professional Card (EPC). Find out more at:
Sarah Bazin and Dr de Hallen signing the Memorandum of Understanding
WHO survey on assistive products
© S.Lubrano / Handicap International
The World Health Organization (WHO) is carrying out a global survey to identify the top 50 priority assistive products. The survey is open to all stakeholders, but users or potential users of assistive technologies, their families and organisations are particularly being encouraged to participate. 
The online survey may be accessed in 37 different languages
Journal of Physiotherapy: now open access
From 1st January 2016 the Australian Physiotherapy Association's(APA) Journal of Physiotherapy became a fully open access journal. With no need to register to access the content, it is being made freely available to anyone anywhere in the world from the day it is published. The APA is offering this as a service to international
Ending Childhood Obesity
Cover of Ending Childhood Obesity report
The WCPT subgroup, the International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Paediatrics (IOPTP), is conducting a survey to explore the involvement of physical therapists in the area of childhood obesity.  In order to address the challenge of childhood obesity it is essential that all health workers are confident in providing education, support and evidence-based treatment. Physical therapists play a key role in the promotion of health in all individuals regardless of their physical ability, shape or size. 
To help inform the future work of IOPTP please complete the short online questionnaire at: The survey is open until 1st March 2016.
Earlier this week the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO) presented its final report to WHO. The report proposes a range of recommendations for governments aimed at reversing the rising trend of children aged under 5 years becoming overweight and obese. Find out more
WCPT Region and subgroup events
ER-WCPT Congress: the deadline for the call for abstracts is 29th February. The congress is taking place 11th - 12th November 2016 in Liverpool, UK .
International Conference of Physical Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health (ICPPMH): co-hosted by the WCPT subgroup, the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Mental Health (IOPTMH), 9th - 11th March 2016 in Madrid,
International Neurophysiotherapy Conference: hosted by the WCPT subgroup, the International Neurological Physical Therapy Association (INPA)  and ACPIN, 17th - 18th March 2016 in London, UK .
IFOMPT Conference 2016: organised by the WCPT subgroup, the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT),  4th - 8th July 2016 in Glasgow,
Image courtesy of
Screenshot of MedBridge website
One of WCPT's education partners, MedBridge, is offering a yearly subscription at a discount of more than 50% until 29th February. A yearly subscription gives you unlimited access to:
  • continuing education: 400+ courses taught by industry-leading professionals
  • patient education: 80+ animated videos and 3D models explaining common conditions, customisable for all levels of health literacy
  • home exercise programmes: 300+ exercises to create easy-to-build HEPs
To take advantage of the current offer go or use promo code WCPTWINTER at checkout.
Other international events
World Health Professions Regulation Conference 2016: 21st - 22nd May 2016 Geneva, Switzerland. Register at the early bird rate before 15th February and view the full programme at:
World Parkinson Congress 2016: 20th - 23rd September 2016 Portland, Oregon, USA.To submit an abstract and to register go to:
5th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector: 26th - 28th October 2016, Dublin, Ireland. To submit an abstract and to register go to:

Fórum sobre questões do Envelhecimento - Programação 2016

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Divulgando para os seguidores e visitantes do Blog a edição de janeiro de 2016 do WCPT NEWS, recebido via e-mail.

A opção pela versão original em língua inglesa visa manter a originalidade e a credibilidade da fonte. 

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domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2016

Notas avulsas - 2

Um texto em defesa da Fisioterapia foi recentemente publicado pela Fisioterapeuta Unnur Pétursdóttir, Presidente da Icelandic Physiotherapy Association - entidade membro Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia -, e divulgado no TWITTER da autora. 

O título da matéria, em tradução livre, dá o recado: "Fisioterapia é a resposta" e gira em torno do processo de envelhecimento da população, com rebatimento sistema de saúde local. O acesso ao texto pode ser feito via link; e, como recomenda a autora na rede social citada, use o Google Tradutor:


- O trabalho desenvolvido pela Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia - WCPT merece destaque e a devida divulgação, não somente para e categoria que representa; deve ser levado ao conhecimeto dos demais profissionais de saúde e do público em geral, por ser relevante para a saúde mundial. Fundada em 1951, a WCPT é a única voz internacional para a Fisioterapia, o que representa mais de 350.000 Fisioterapeutas em todo o mundo através de suas 111 organizações membros. A confederação opera como uma organização sem fins lucrativos e está registrada como uma instituição de caridade no Reino Unido. 

Quando da sua fundação reuniu 11 organizações membros: Austrália, Canadá, Dinamarca, Finlândia, Grã-Bretanha, Nova Zelândia, Noruega, África do Sul, Alemanha Ocidental, Suécia e Estados Unidos da América. Consolidou a sua posição internacional ao alcançar status consultivo junto à Organização das Nações Unidas - ONU e relacionar-se oficialmente com a Organização Mundial de Saúde - OMS. Atualmente mantém laços com organizações internacionais voluntárias, como a Reabilitação Internacional, a Associação Médica Mundial, e  agências da ONU como a UNICEF.


- Por meio da Resolução Nº 456 de 29 de outubro de 2015, o Conselho Federal de Fisioterapia e Terapia Ocupacional  - COFFITO fixou o valor da a anuidade para o ano de 2016 em R$ 428,00 (Quatrocentos e vinte e oito reais). Para fixação desse valor a Autarquia levou em consideração "que a organização e funcionamento dos serviços úteis e indispensáveis à regulamentação e fiscalização do exercício profissional dependem do produto da arrecadação das anuidades, taxas, emolumentos e multas, de acordo com os dizeres dos artigos 10 e 11 da Lei nº 6.316 de 17 de dezembro de 1975".

É do conhecimento geral da categoria, mas não custa lembrar que a criação do Conselho Federal é uma conquista da classe profissional representada, constituindo-se, em linguagem corrente, na Repartição Pública do Fisioterapeuta e do Terapeuta Ocupacional, onde se faz o registro da identidade profissional, visando proteger a sociedade no que concerne ao direito do cidadão de ser atendido por elementos qualificados, banidas a ação de leigos e charlatões. O Conselho exerce também na forma da Lei, a atividade de Tribunal de Ética. Na linguagem oficial "o Conselho Federal de Fisioterapia e Terapia Ocupacional - COFFITO é uma Autarquia Federal criada pela Lei nº 6316, de 17 de dezembro de 1975; com objetivos constitucionais de normatizar e exercer o controle ético, científico e social das profissões de Fisioterapeuta e de Terapeuta Ocupacional".



Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia - WCPT 


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Conferência 2016 - World Health Professions Regulation