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quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2018

WCPT E-update - março 2018

WCPT Eupdate
WCPT E-Update - March 2018
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World Health Day 2018
The theme for this year's World Health Day on 7th April is "Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere". The World Health Organization (WHO) has put together a toolkit of materials and messages so that you can get involved in the day.
Some of the day's key messages include:
  • Universal health coverage (UHC) is about ensuring all people can get quality health services, where and when they need them, without suffering financial hardship.
  • No one should have to choose between good health and other life necessities.
  • UHC is key to people’s and nations’ health and well-being.
  • UHC is feasible. Some countries have made great progress. Their challenge is to maintain coverage to meet people’s expectations.
  • All countries will approach UHC in different ways: there is no one size fits all. But every country can do something to advance UHC.
  • Making health services truly universal requires a shift from designing health systems around diseases and institutions towards health services designed around and for people.
  • Everyone can play a part in the path to UHC, by taking part in a UHC conversation.
Access the WHO website to find out more and how to take part:
Global Rehabilitation Alliance
This month the WCPT President and CEO attended a stakeholder meeting to discuss establishing a Global Rehabilitation Alliance. The meeting follows the WHO Stakeholder Meeting Rehabilitation 2030: A Call for Action in February last year.
WCPT believes a Global Rehabilitation Alliance can be a unified voice to strengthen rehabilitation in health to achieve the vision of a world where everyone has access to rehabilitation by:
  • engaging a diverse and comprehensive community of stakeholders;
  • fostering a common understanding of rehabilitation as a health strategy;
  • advocating with one voice at a global level.
The vision of the Global Rehabilitation Alliance is a world where every person has access to timely, quality, user-centred rehabilitation services. Its mission is to advocate for the provision rehabilitation as an integral component of Universal Health Coverage, and to be a strong, cohesive body of stakeholders united to further the development of rehabilitation around the world.
There is strong global support for this alliance. At the conclusion of the meeting stakeholders agreed to reconvene in Geneva in May where organisations will be ask to commit to the founding of this entity .
Emma Stokes with Jan Monsbakken (Immediate Past President, Rehabilitation International)
International conference on health professional regulation 
Margot Skinner, WCPT Vice President, will be speaking at the Fifth World Health Professions Regulation Conference, taking place 19th - 20th May 2018 in Geneva. Titled "Mutual recognition: helping professionals move more freely" her presentation will focus on her experiences of the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (TTMR) Arrangement. Dr Skinner will share her experiences around the mutually agreed thresholds for professional standards and describe the benefits of the TTMR.

"The agreement requires professionals to register with authorities, so they don't have to jump through all the same hoops to practise," she explains.

Dr Skinner highlights that the agreement between Australia and New Zealand enables each country's professional workforce to come from a bigger pool. Professionals are also able to undertake courses and post graduate qualifications without the usual barriers.

To register for the conference go to:
WCPT Experts database
The recently relaunched WCPT Experts Database, the WCPT Database of Volunteers and Experts (WCPT DOVES), is seeking volunteers who are willing to support the development of the global professionIt is an opportunity to share your expertise / experience / interest in physical therapy practice, education, research, professional issues and global health.

Once there are a sufficient number of volunteers a searchable database will be created to support WCPT member organisations and other organisations/institutes with which WCPT collaborates.
To register on the database please login or register to the WCPT website:
Healthcare in Danger MOOC
© Health Care in Danger project Health Care in Danger has launched a new MOOC on violence against healthcare. The course caters to all people interested in understanding the issues of violence against healthcare, especially those in training or already working in the humanitarian, medical, social and military fields.

The course starts on 2nd April.

Health Care in Danger (HCID) is an initiative of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement aimed at addressing the issue of violence against patients, health workers, facilities and vehicles, and ensuring safe access to and delivery of health care in armed conflict and other emergencies.
WCPT network on social media
Do you work in occupational health and ergonomics? The WCPT Physical Therapy Network for Occupational Health and Ergonomics is now on Facebook You can also find them on Twitter at

Remember you can follow all of WCPT's activities on social media:

International Conference on Physical Therapy in Oncology (ICPTO)
The first International Conference on Physical Therapy in Oncology (ICPTO) will take place on 5th June in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The conference aims to bring together physical therapists working in oncology from around the globe, to discuss the way forward for oncology PT and to exchange knowledge and best practices.

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Visualizações de página por país 15/03/2018 22:00 – 22/03/2018 21:00

Visualizações de página por país

Gráfico dos países mais populares entre os visualizadores do blog 
Entrada                           Visualizações de página
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Emirados Árabes Unidos

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Abertura oficial do Fórum sobre Questões do Envelhecimento 2018

Professores da Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, participantes do Grupo MPB UNICAP fazem a abertura do Fórum 2018 com música.

Homenagem Póstuma antecede as palestras do dia. Edusa Pereira, recentemente falecida,  participante do Fórum desde as primeiras edições, lutou em vida pelos Direitos da Pessoa Idosa. Na foto: representantes da UNICAP e de organizações da sociedade civil ouvem palavras de agradecimento da filha da homenageada.
Abertura do Fórum sobre Questões do Envelhecimento - Recife 13 de março de 2018 - Universidade Católica de Pernambuco . Linda Siokmey, Mestre em Ciências das Religiões PPGCR/UFPB, Moderadora da Mesa; Ana Paula Cavalcanti, Professora do PPGCR/UFPB e Drance Elias da Silva, Professor do PPGCR/UNICAP foram os palestrantes do evento.   

Flagrante do Auditório G 1 da Universidade Católica  de Pernambuco durante a realização da abertura do Fórum 2018.  

Fotos: GB/Arquivo Blog 14-F FISIOTERAPIA

quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2018

Recordando o VIII Encontro Internacional de Fisioterapia Dermato-funcional

Nota do Editor: A política de postagens do Blog 14-F FISIOTERAPIA, defende a preservação da memória dos fatos e eventos que contribuíram para o desenvolvimento e engrandecimento da história da profissão.

sábado, 3 de março de 2018

60 anos da formatura da primeira turma de Fisioterapeutas e Terapeutas Ocupacionais do Brasil

60 anos da formatura da primeira turma de Fisioterapeutas e Terapeutas Ocupacionais do Brasil

No dia 27 de fevereiro de 2018, completam-se 60 anos da cerimônia de formatura da primeira turma de Fisioterapeutas e Terapeutas Ocupacionais do Brasil. Eles foram graduados pela Escola de Reabilitação do Rio de Janeiro – ERRJ, criada pela Associação Brasileira Beneficente de Reabilitação para formar Fisioterapeutas e Terapeutas ocupacionais para compor a equipe de profissionais para a inauguração do Centro de Reabilitação da ABBR.

O Crefito-2 celebra esta data extremamente importante e emblemática para a Fisioterapia e a Terapia Ocupacional no país. Preservar nossa história e a memória de nossos precursores é garantir o futuro das nossas profissões.
Fonte: Transcrito do site do CREFITO 2