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sábado, 19 de outubro de 2013

WCPT NEWS - outubro 2013

O Blog 14-F FISIOTERAPIA repassa para seus leitores a edição de outubro 2013 do informativo WCPT NEWS, publicado trimestralmente pela Confederação Mundial de Fisioterapia. A opção é pela divulgação da versão em inglês, mantendo assim a originalidade, e consequentemente a credibilidade da fonte. Matéria recebida via e-mail.

October 2013

How do you rate World Physical Therapy Day?

How successful was World Physical Therapy Day for you? With reports continuing to come in from all over the world, there are indications that 2013 activities have had a greater impact than ever before. Now WCPT would like a better idea of how you rate the success of your World Physical Therapy Day activities this year.  Read the full article

WCPT's special interest networks grow: new groups on amputee rehabilitation and education

WCPT has welcomed two new networks to join a growing number of physical therapy groupings who are sharing professional ideas, experience and expertise with the assistance of the Confederation. They are the WCPT Network for Amputee Rehabilitation, and the WCPT Network for Physical Therapist Educators.  Read the full article

Public fitness events and launch of new study on mobile devices by Hong Kong association

During September the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association combined its 50th anniversary celebrations with a series of World Physical Therapy Day activities. It also launched a new study into the effects of computers and mobile phones on the population of Hong Kong which gained widespread publicity.  Read the full article

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