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quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

WCPT NEWS janeiro 2013

January 2013

European education congress hears how international guidelines can make a difference

Physical therapists from around the world heard about the impact that WCPT education policies are having on the development of the profession at the European Physiotherapy Education Congress, held in Vienna, Austria, in November.  Read the full article

Historic film of WCPT's first congress rediscovered

A 60-year old film has come to light, providing a documentary record of WCPT’s first ever congress held in London in September 1953. Discovered by WCPT Executive Committee member Margot Skinner in the archive of a cinema in New Zealand, it provides a vivid record of one of the most important landmarks in the global development of the profession.  Read the full article

Have the 2012 Paralympics really brought change for people with disabilities?

The London 2012 Paralympics attracted a cumulated worldwide audience of 3.4 billion people – a billion more than in Beijing 2008, and more than any other Games. But have the Games really changed attitudes to disability? Physical therapists and others involved in the Olympics believe they have: 2012 really could prove to have been a games changer.  Read the full article

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