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Congresso WCPT 2021 - Atualização maio 2020


WCPT Congress Update
May 2020 
Submit your abstract
The call for abstracts for poster and platform presentations is now open. The deadline is 30 July.

The WCPT congress offers you a unique opportunity to present to a global audience at the profession’s largest international meeting. Whether you have been working on a research project or have an innovative service, practice, resource or theory to share, WCPT is encouraging physiotherapists from all over the world, at every level of the profession, to submit their abstracts. 

Abstracts are invited that:
  • report on the latest research with original scientific data
  • address new and unique developments in practice, theory, education, management, policy and resources
  • describe innovative ways in which established methods have been adapted to meet the changing needs of practice
Find out more:
Focused symposia announced
Key speakers and sessions have been announced for congress.

The congress programme includes 12 confirmed focused symposia featuring 55 speakers from around the world. Focused symposia are core sessions where cutting edge relevant topics will be explored from an international and diverse perspective. High profile speakers will create insightful and engaging learning experiences that ultimately inform, inspire, involve and empower delegates.

“Focused symposia are a great opportunity to hear from world-renowned speakers that are experts in their area and gain a unique global understanding and insight into a particular field" said Shane Patman, chair of WCPT’s congress programme committee.

View focused symposia:

View speakers:
Abstract presentation formats
There are two main ways to present your abstract at congress, either as a platform or poster presentation.

To help you decide which format is right for your abstract, watch the video by congress programme committee member Jackie Whittaker: How to choose the right format - platform presentation, printed poster, e-poster

Poster presentations
  • Printed posters: changed daily, they are grouped by topic within the poster area in the exhibition hall, with presenters attending their poster for 45 minutes for discussion with delegates.
  • E-posters: available for the first time at a WCPT congress, they will be accessible through terminals and grouped by topic, with each presenter given a short presentation slot. Delegates can search the e-posters by keywords and topic areas.
Platform presentations
  • State of the art: 12-minute platform presentations from the highest quality, cutting edge abstracts that are likely to influence practice, with an 18-minute moderated discussion at the end led by a leader in the field.
  • Classic: eight platform presentations of eight minutes, followed by three minutes for questions in each presentation.
  • Rapid five: a platform presentation session of 10 abstracts each delivering key messages using no more than five slides in five minutes (5 x 5), with moderated discussion times.
Platform and poster presentations are considered by the congress programme committee to be of equal standing and judged by the same criteria. Although you may indicate your preferred presentation format when submitting, there is limited space for platform presentations in the programme and many more posters can be accommodated. The decision of what format to assign to any abstract rests with the congress programme committee.
Resources for abstract submitters
If you have limited experience of abstract submissions, presenting at a WCPT congress, or if English is not your first language, we have put together several tools to help you.
With the fast evolving global situation created by the spread of COVID-19, we are aware that many of you have been impacted by the pandemic and the uncertainty it has created. WCPT and the congress programme committee will continue to monitor the situation relating to COVID-19. For now, planning is proceeding for an exciting WCPT congress in Dubai next April and we will advise you if there are any changes likely to impact the event.

WCPT is supporting its member organisations and their members with a COVID-19 information hub:

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