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Congresso WCPT 2021 - Atualização janeiro 2020

WCPT Congress Update

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January 2020 
Last call for focused symposia
With the submission deadline for focused symposium proposals on 31 January, you now have less than three weeks to be involved in one of the key sessions at congress.

The sessions include high profile speakers, draw large audiences, and aim to create insightful and engaging learning experiences that ultimately inform, inspire, involve and empower delegates.

Lasting 1.5 hours, each symposium is organised by a recognised expert in the field who leads a coherent session with 3-4 speakers working together and engaging with the audience to draw out the relevance, challenges, applicability and take-home messages. The submissions should address the topic from an international/diverse perspective by including presentations from a range of countries and preferably from three different WCPT regions.

To access the online submission and download the submission guidelines go to:

All submissions will be notified of the outcome on 26 March 2020.
Focused symposia topics
The call is open to any topic relevant to the profession. However, the Congress Programme Committee (CPC) is particularly interested in proposals that address any of the following areas identified through the WCPT congress market research survey:
  • professional challenges across all areas, such as diversity and inclusion, quality assurance, implicit bias, mental health, and wellbeing
  • how physical therapy needs to change to address global health issues, such as the demands of an ageing population, multi-morbidity and topics identified in the Rehabilitation 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • the unique contribution of physical therapists in the physical activity agenda
  • challenging perceptions of pain management across the lifespan and across all fields of practice
  • innovative approaches to address policy and advocacy issues, such as health system funding, cost-effectiveness and the unique role of physical therapy.
Where applicable to the topic, priority will be given to symposia that include perspectives from low-resource countries.
Focused symposium format   Watch the videos
Each focused symposium consists of:
  • an introduction by the chair
  • a maximum of three 20-minute or four 15-minute presentations
  • 15 minutes of questions and answers with the audience spread across the session
  • a 10-minute summary by the chair highlighting the implications, applicability and relevant messages to take away. 
  Watch the videos from members of the CPC as they share their experiences of visiting Dubai for a Congress Programme Committee meeting and encourage submission for focused symposium proposals for #WCPT2021.
Selection principles
The CPC is seeking sessions that comply with the submission guidelines and deliver against the following principles.
  • Explore: the most recent ideas, evidence, methods and areas of controversy in the literature related to outcomes for people and populations and to moving the profession forward.
  • Inspire: with a clear purpose and applicable outcomes for delegates.
  • Connect: related research and innovations, and internationally diverse delegates through active engagement.
  • Include: speakers with international experience and standing  in the topic area, representing a range of global and possibly service user perspectives.
  • Impact: practice, education, research and/or policy by making clear the implications arising from the presentations.

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